Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

The white or colourless diamonds that are valued for their absence of colour, natural fancy coloured diamonds are prized for their beautiful saturation of colour in every shade you can imagine. Fancy coloured diamonds are more in trend because of the unique look and brilliance they offer.

Many of us only know that diamonds are white. But in reality, diamonds also appear in different shades naturally. These rare colourful hues come in an array of stunning shades that add a unique and distinctive element to any jewellery piece. Coloured diamonds Jewellery has been rising in popularity over the years due to their rarity and exquisite beauty. From green, blue, yellow diamonds to rich brown to even black diamonds are stylish, sophisticated and unique. Colour diamonds or fancy diamonds have meanings associated with them. Fancy diamond jewellery with unique shapes are more in demand.Young age fashionista are looking for fancy coloured diamonds over the traditional diamond collections.

The most common colour for natural coloured diamonds is yellow, followed by brown, grey and black. Blue diamonds are the rarest of all, with only a handful being found each year. Natural coloured diamonds get their colour from impurities in the stone, such as trace elements of nitrogen or boron. The colour is inherent and permanent. 

So,let us dive into the fascinating world of coloured diamond jewellery and uncover its rarity and beauty that makes it stand out from traditional diamond jewellery.

Yellow Diamonds: Yellow diamonds get their colour from nitrogen impurities present during their formation. They are the most abundant of coloured diamonds and can be found in a wide range of prices depending on their quality and intensity of colour.

Blue Diamonds are another popular choice for coloured diamond jewellery, and their deep hue is extremely captivating.

Fancy coloured diamonds are yellow, pink, blue and green. Varied coloured diamonds are called as fancy coloured diamonds. These are sought after by jewellery lovers.

Green Diamonds: Green diamonds are said to represent growth and new beginnings. They would be perfect for someone who is starting a new chapter.

Black Diamonds are often associated with power and strength. They make a bold statement and can add an element of mystery to any piece of jewellery.


Brown Diamonds It’s believed that the magnificent brown diamond connects the bearer with the world and nature. It also symbolises order, stability, and clarity.

Pink Diamonds Pink diamonds are recognized as extremely luxurious. The increase in rarity together with their popularity results in their high prices.

The next time you buy unique coloured diamonds or fancy diamond jewellery, keep these interesting representations in mind and choose diamonds that really speak to your personality and grace.

Experience this exquisite colours and feel the moment

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