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What Do Different Coloured Diamonds Signify?

It is said that a diamond speaks a lot about a person and their personality. One particularly chooses diamonds based on their characteristics, the most jarring one being colour. Colour is a form of non-verbal communication and is an integral part of life. The colours you surround yourself with can influence your perspective and mind, as well as those around you. In short, they help display our feelings and emotions to our surroundings. As such, every coloured diamond comes with its own attached meaning. This meaning is dependent on each individual, depending on the energy one is expressing whether positive or negative. Therefore, when you shop for a diamond, your choice could be dependent on either the colour and its significance, the overall look and appeal or both. 

Diamonds, as you’re probably aware, come in many colours such as white, silver, blue, green, yellow, red, brown, etc. Diamonds acquire their colour due to certain inclusions or natural structural defects (not a bad thing!). They are graded on a D-Z scale, D being colourless (the most rare, valuable and desirable in nature) and Z being yellow-coloured (or having obvious colour). Certain coloured diamonds are graded separately. Below is a list of the different coloured diamonds and their respective meanings: 

  1. Colourless diamond: Cleanliness, holiness, devotion and love.
  2. White: Purity and innocence. The colour of “perfection” or the most complete, making it customary to use as engagement or wedding rings. 
  3. Silver: Fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious in nature. Has a feminine energy.
  4. Gray: Control, compromise and practicality; perfect for calm and reasonable people. 
  5. Gold: Success, achievement, abundance, prosperity, luxury, quality, prestige, sophistication. It is a show of value, elegance and extravagance.
  6. Yellow: Prosperity, luxury, prestige and triumph. The colour of sunshine, mind, intellect and success. It’s optimistic and cheerful! 
  7. Blue: Power, royalty, loyalty and integrity. The colour of trust and peace.  
  8. Green: Growth, balance, health and harmony, having a strong connection to nature. It brings about self-reliance and a positive atmosphere. 
  9. Orange: Emotion, youth, courage, energy and enthusiasm. 
  10. Red/Pink: Love, strength, passion and confidence. Appropriate for romantic situations.
  11. Purple: Nobility, wealth, serenity and honour. A regal gemstone! 
  12. Brown (Cognac/Champagne): Order, stability, security, protection, honesty, sincerity, comfort and material wealth. Quite sophisticated when paired with other diamonds.  
  13. Black: Strength, energy, power, elegance and sophistication (The diamond that contains the most graphite and carbon).

As you can see, the various fancy coloured diamonds have intersecting characteristics or similar properties. Now that you’ve learned what each coloured diamond represents, which one appeals to you more? Which one will you pick and what does your coloured diamond say about you? Mix some warm and cool hues to help you find a balance.

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