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Wish to Match Your Jewellery with Your Makeup?

After getting dressed, putting on makeup and wearing jewellery are just the finishing touches to completing your whole look. This combination of makeup and jewellery can draw attention to certain aspects of your look, highlight your best features and even add an overall personality as well. Matching makeup with jewellery can reveal your uniqueness, making you stand out from the crowd. But isn’t it sometimes a painstaking process to choose what shade of makeup you wish to use and whether it goes with the kind of jewellery you’ve chosen? Whether it's a bold look such as wearing thick black eyeliner and dark red lipstick on your face paired with a big metallic silver bracelet on your wrist; or a simple look such as a light pink rouge and thin gold bangles and a minimalistic pendant. Here, at House of Hue, we provide a few tips on choosing the best jewellery to pair with your choice of makeup to help you look good and feel more confident. 

For the first tip, think back on the colour wheel you were taught about in art class in school. This doesn’t just help with understanding the difference between primary and secondary colours. You could always use a single hue such as blue eyeshadow and blue earrings, but why not explore complementary colours. Complementary colours are directly across from primary colours on the colour wheel creating an agreeable colour combination. For example, red and green, yellow and purple or even blue and orange. Some of these combinations may be harsh but they still work! 

Sometimes we need to go beyond colour and explore other aspects and trends in terms of matching. For example, why not try a stylish, sparkling diamond necklace with glittery eyeshadow. If you’re going for a mistier or softer look, pair an ocean-themed bracelet with hints of sea green or blue in your makeup. 

The last tip is all about matching according to your skin tone (the same has been referenced in our previous blog post about choosing between gold and silver jewellery). There are three main types of skin tones: warm, cool and neutral. It is very important to consider your undertone before matching so nothing clashes with your skin. For cooler skin tones, pair cool metals such as silver, white gold or platinum with cool makeup undertones such as pastel colours. Whereas, for warmer skin tones, you can pair metals such as bronze, copper or gold with warm and earthy undertones such as mocha, olive, beige or bronze. 

Play around with different combinations until you see one that just works!

Choose your best jewellery piece with your makeup choices

At House of Hue, Immerse yourself in a world where beauty meets coordination as we share step-by-step insights into harmonizing your favourite jewellery pieces with your makeup choices. Let House of Hue be your guide in unlocking the art of perfect coordination, where every detail enhances your allure. Elevate your style with our stunning collection, and join us in celebrating the seamless fusion of jewellery and makeup at House of Hue.

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